The pressure washer pump is a mechanical device that is used to clean different types of surfaces and various types of objects with the help of water. The water has very high pressure and velocity when it is ejected from the nozzle of the pressure washer outlet pipe. The component that is responsible for this high pressure and velocity of water is the pump. It is the most important and main component of the pressure washer. Though there are other important parts of the pressure washer such as electric motor, engine, pipes, etc. But the pump is commonly said to be the heart of this cleaning machine. Water gains a sudden increase in its velocity and pressure by the pump and leaves the outlet pipe through a nozzle opening. Then water with such features cleans the dirty, dusty, and smudgy surfaces.

How does a pump of a pressure washer work?

For understanding the working of a pressure washer pump, it is necessary to determine the type of pump, installed in your pressure washer. Mostly, the pumps that are used in the pressure washer machines, are positive displacement pumps. These are generally reciprocating piston pumps in which the piston is moved in a back-and-forth motion. As a result of this motion, the suction is created in the pump. As the pump is connected to a water source, water is rushed towards the suction of the pump. And then again due to the motion of the piston, the water is moved forward to the outlet pipe gaining very high speed and pressure. Then the nozzle further causes an increase in the pressure and spreads the water in the form of tiny droplets.

The scientific reason behind the suction and high speed of water:

The pump of the pressure washer creates the suction to pull the water and make it flow with very high speed and pressure. The pump is driven by the electric motor and converts the rotational mechanical energy of the motor into the high-pressure kinetic energy of the water.

The suction is created in the pump because of the motion of the piston of the pump. The pressure there is reduced. This very low pressure causes water to rush there. As we know that objects move from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. So, water goes to the suction area at high speed. Then again by the piston movement, the water gets pushed and gains further increase in pressure and velocity.

Can you replace a pump of a pressure washer?

The answer to this question is yes. You can replace the pump of your pressure washer but some things should be considered before doing this. You have to replace the same type of pump, that was installed before. You have to determine whether it is a centrifugal pump or a reciprocating pump and install the same type. Then you the new pump should have the same range of psi pressure and GPM. Psi is the pressure unit in which water is pumped from the pressure washer. GPM is the gallons of water pumped per minute.


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