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A driver needs information at the roadside & a few key essentials incase anything doesn't go as planned. Prang is there to assist in these crucial moments.

Automated Reminders

Set up key reminders for your vehicle. Prang will remind you of the next MOT, Tax Renewal or Car Repair. . Prevent fines and ensure your vehicle is always safe to drive!

Find a Local Mechanic

Find nearby garages in your area or find out if your favourite garage is on Prang. Have a look at what they specialise in and get advice or a quote.

Accidents & Incidents

The Prang Incident report gives you and your insurer essential information required to make an insurance claim. Capture and view all photo evidence as well as the key details saved for all types of incidents.

Important Traffic Updates

Local Radio Stations use Prang to get the latest Traffic Information. The traffic issues you report can help other motorists.

The driver utility app to assist you on your journey

Ever want to view local traffic? Or get in touch with a local mechanic? You had an accident and not known what to do.

  • Save all accident information in one place for use with your insurance.
  • Set reminders of key dates for your vehicle are due eg: MOT & Tax.
  • Find local Mechanics in your area for repairs & services.
  • Assisting you today and its all free!

App Gallery

Available on iPhone & Android, easy to use, roadside information at your fingertips, designed to make it simple during stressful situations.

Get Prang

Share Prang with your family and friends and assist them on the roadside today!

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