Cleaning windows with a pressure washer is a cunny task to take on. You want your windows sparkling clean, but at the same time, you do not have the time to do it manually. Cleaning windows manually has to be a very annoying chore that requires a lot of time and effort. Your window may have an annoying design that hinders you from reaching some areas without some little help. Also, windows always have inside and outside compartments. If you clean the outer part of your windows, and the inner parts are looking dirty, you will not like the windows. Weather is another big issue when it comes to window cleaning. You may be cleaning a window today and it is neat, and in the next one hour, the same window will need a different cleaning. If you are doing it manually, you will get frustrated. But when it is a pressure washer, there is really no problem

With a pressure washer, you are putting minimal effort to getting your window clean. All you are doing is to open a reliable water source into the water and control a nozzle. The pressure washer works with force through increased pressure. This high pressure is gotten through the pump in the pressure washer. Since windows do not have the toughest of stains on them, the force from the pressure washer with a little soap is okay to clean the windows. However, you need to be careful about the kind of force that your pressure washer is producing. You do not want to the windows broken. In this guide, we will discuss how to wash the windows appropriately.

Cover up all other surroundings

The first thing to do is to protect the surrounding before you wash your windows. Your window has two sides, one on the interior, and another at the exterior. On both sides of the windows, there are always items that can’t withstand the force of a pressure washer. Inside, there is usually a chair or a table before the windows. Instead, you have to clear up the space. On the outer part of the window, it may be grass that is beautifying the environment, which makes it more complex. You may need to cover the grass with a cloth to ensure its safety.

Close windows tightly

At every point, you want to wash the windows, wash it when it is closed. Of course, when the window is open, you have access to both ends from outside, making it easy to wash both sides. But with the force coming from the pressure washer, it may cause the windows to hit a wall and break, or at least crack.


It is a great idea to clean your window with a pressure washer, only when you are doing it tight. Windows are fragile, and no matter how strong the gas of the window is, you should not use too much force. Therefore, after following the steps in this guide, ensure your pressure washer is set at its lowest to ensure that your windows remain safe.


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