It can be quite annoying to keep your phone on a flat surface when you’re playing games, watching videos, or having a business call. The Ugreen cellphone stand provides the perfect elevation for any usage. No matter what the height you need it for, the telescoping arms and sturdy build ensure that your phone stays where you need it. Because sometimes you just want to watch your favorite show without having to constantly hold up your device against anything!

But, if you were watching a cooking tutorial, where and how would you set up your phone stands?

Ideas on Setting Up a Phone Stand in the Kitchen

You don’t have to be a professional chef to appreciate the convenience of having a phone stand in your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking up something in the microwave or just want to keep an eye on the latest news while you’re chopping vegetables, a phone stand is a must-have for any keen cook.

Here are some ideas for how to set up your own phone stand in the kitchen:

1) Get creative with the location. You don’t need to use the same spot every time. Try placing your phone on top of different surfaces and see what works best for both you and your phone!

2) Use magnets. Magnets are great because they make it super easy to remove your phone from its resting place when you need it elsewhere in the house. Just stick one magnet on each side of your phone (or tablet) and use them as little suction cups that can be easily moved around.

3) Hang it on a hook or pegboard. This is another great way to keep your device within reach while still keeping it safe from spills and splashes!

What Type of Phone Stand is the Best for a Kitchen?

With so much going on in the kitchen, it makes sense to use a phone holder for your smartphone. This will allow you to keep your hands free while still being able to use your phone for messaging or calling someone in an emergency situation.

Magnetic Phone Holders – Magnetic phone holders are great because they make it easy to mount any smartphone on any surface without having to use screws or nails! These magnetic holders can be mounted onto any metal surface such as refrigerators or dishwashers but also desktops or tabletops as well!

Clamp-style holders – Clamp-style holders attach to surfaces using an adjustable clamp. They’re ideal for attaching to small items such as cookbooks against a shelf, but they may not be strong enough to hold larger devices like tablets.

The suction cup phone holder is probably the most popular type of holder. This type of holder sticks onto any flat surface such as a table or even a wall. It also works well for vehicles where you can attach it to the dashboard or windshield. The biggest advantage with this type of holder is that it does not need any adhesives or extra devices in order to keep your device attached securely. This means that if you have children around who like playing with things then they cannot easily remove the device from its location without your knowledge.


All three of the Phone Stand options are very portable, making them great for everyday use. The best choice really depends on your specific needs. The Magnetic option is the easiest to take on the go and also gives you multiple mounting options. The StickyMount is a good choice if you need something larger that can hold more than just a phone as well, and with the included suction cup, you have a wider range of mounting options. And finally, if you’re looking for a functional display piece that hides your charging wire, then the Wall Mounted Phone Dock is for you. All these are available at Ugreen online stores at super amazing prices.


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