Let’s be honest with ourselves; we’ve misplaced or lost a key before. No matter how organized we may be now, losing something as important as a key can leave us panicking and in a frenzy. In that moment, you probably wished there was a way to locate the key without necessarily tearing everywhere apart. This is why it is best to invest in a key finder.

A key finder is a device that’s attached to a key or a bunch of keys. They come in different types and have several benefits on why they are a must-buy for every key holder.

Types of key finders

Radio frequency key finders

These types of key finders make use of radio frequencies. As with other devices that make use of this type of signal, a transmitter is needed to locate the frequency. However, the signal strength weakens as the distance between the transmitter and key finder increases. It is best used when you’re certain of the location where the key was lost. It cannot be connected to a smartphone.

Bluetooth key finder

Since it operates with Bluetooth, it can easily connect to a smartphone. It is easier to track the key finder with an app on your smartphone. Since Bluetooth is a stronger connection, it can work both ways. In other words, you can use the sensor on the key finder to locate your smartphone as easily as you can use your smartphone to locate the key finder. When the key is located, sensor lights are either emitted or an alarm sound comes on.

Audible key finder

It is the cheapest and most popular among the types of key finders. The key finder device functions as both a receiver and transmitter. So when looking for the missing key, the transmitter emits a chirping sound. When in close proximity to the key, the device makes a corresponding chirping sound to signal its location. This type of key finder functions with both Bluetooth and radio frequency

Benefits of a key finder

Some of the advantages of using a key finder include:

Find missing keys

As previously discussed, this is the primary function of the key finder. It will help locate missing or misplaced keys. Since anyone can be a victim at any time, this is a crucial benefit of key finders.

Save time

Looking for keys can be a time-consuming exercise, especially when you think you’re certain about the location of the key. A lot of time is spent trying to think of possible places it can be. With s key finder, a lost key can be found in less than five minutes.

Reduce stress

Misplacing an important key can leave you stressed out with confusion and anger. Soon you’ll be burned out trying to locate the key with almost no success. A key finder saves you the effort and energy by pinpointing the exact location of the keys.


When you suddenly realize you’ve lost your keys, what do you do? The difference in actions is seem if you have a key finder or not. With a key finder, you wouldn’t have to worry or panic when you can’t find your keys. Depending on your budget, choose between the three types of key finders and save yourself from having a panic attack. The benefits of having a key finder is best felt when you need it to help find your missing items.


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