The shower is a permanent part of your everyday routine. Whether you have to get ready for a long working day or you are back from a hectic routine, taking showering quickly releases all your fatigue and provides an amazing morning startup.

However, when getting ready in the morning, a problem in the shower can ruin your mood and even the day because you get stuck there to understand what the problem is. When it comes to showering, problems can be of any type. So, whether you are a pro or an inexperienced person, it’s not easy to detect the problem at first glance.

A guide will show you the possible common problems and their quick solutions in such a situation. If you are ready to learn something new, just dive in!

1. Shower Head Dripping or Blockage

The shower head is the most important part of the shower because it controls and determines the water flow and direction. As the shower head is the only element that turns a simple water pipe into the shower, this part is pretty sensitive to different problems.

There are two common problems with shower heads;

Shower Head Dripping

If your shower head is continuously dripping even after turning off the water valve, here is something for you;

Things to Do

  • Fit a new cartridge
  • Replace the old seals

Shower Head Blockage

However, if the problem is opposite to that, like blockage of shower head, consider these tips;

Things to Do

  • Clean the shower heads and their filters properly
  • Replace the shower heads

2. Water Temperature Problems in Showers

The water temperature problem is pretty intimidating on cold winter days when the too hot or too cold water ruins our showering time.

Things to Do

  • Firstly, check the hot water supply of the shower.
  • Secondly, if no problem is detected in supply, consider replacing the shower cartridge.

3. Low Water Pressure

If one day your shower is supplying enough water or the water pressure is not what it is supposed to be, it’s hard to remove the shampoo and soap properly. And you end up being dirtier than before.

Things to Do

  • Clean the water head and pipes properly.
  • Check if the regulators are working fine in twin shower
  • Look for mineral deposition or mold growth in shower head nozzles
  • Exam if there is any leak or damage in the hose
  • Clean the inlet filters
  • Replace the corrosive shower heads or hoses if damaged

4. Bad Water Smell

Sometimes the water develops a foul smell or is dirty than usual. It indicates a problem with the water supply or your shower system.

Things to Do

  • Clean or replace the shower filters
  • Ventilate bathroom space
  • Check the shower head or water pipes for bacterial and molds growth

5. Place to Purchase Shower Accessories

As mentioned above, most shower problems end after replacing the old or damaged shower accessories. If you have encountered the same problem, visit declinko for shower head replacement parts.

At declinko, you will get a wide range of every shower head type, hoses, valves, pipes, and other items at an affordable price and superior quality.


Most problems associated with shower heads are not as bigger as you think. The easiest solution to deal with the problems is proper and timely examination. If you find the damaged part, it’s better to replace that immediately rather than wait for the bigger problem.


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