Pool pumps are used for maintaining, cleaning, and filtering water. The essential work of a pool pump is working as a circulatory system for pools. A large number of companies and industries are working on making pool pumps throughout the world. So you need to buy pool pumps from authentic sources.

A pool pump is a heart for your pool’s circulatory system. It uses to push the water from your swimming pool to enter another system for cleaning, filtering, and heating it. It will make pool water clean and more favorable for bathing.

This article will discuss different companies and swimming pool pump manufacturers worldwide that supply pool pumps. Most companies have worldwide access to their products. You can visit their website or the store near you to buy pool pumps from them.

The Most Famous Manufacturers of Pool Pumps

In this article, we are telling the detail of some companies that supplies pool pumps.

Aquagem Technology Limited- The creator of Inverter Pool Pumps

Aquagem Technology Limited is the first leading full inverter pool pump company core staffed by senior professionals with more than 20 years of experience. The pools pumps produced by Aquagem Technology Limited are a disruptive innovation for the pool pump industry, which are 15 times more energy-saving and 30 times more silent than traditional single-speed pool pumps.

Hayward Commercial Pool Products

Hayward is a company in the USA which manufactures pool equipment. Every kind of equipment related to pools, like filters, heaters, skimmers, and Vacuum cleaners for heating, cleaning and filtering water pools. They have their companies in Maryland in the USA.

Guangzhou City Freesia Industries

When we talk about making electronic products or appliances at low prices, China comes first. Here is a company in China that provides pool equipment for up to 20 years. Now they have their delivery worldwide. Moreover, their products are exported and imported internationally. The reason is their good service.

Zodiac Pool System

They have been manufacturing water and pool-related equipment since 1993. The products include pool valves, heaters, cleaners, filters, skimmers, pumps, etc. Their company is very reliable when we talk about the authenticity of products. Their product and services are also extraordinary. You can go to their website and check out product reviews on it.

Proline Distributors

Another reliable company in the USA that offers pool pumps and other related equipment. They focus on making and manufacturing such products that even handicapped people can use. So for a considerable time, they have been selling their products depending upon their excellent customer service and product life span.

Ningbo JK Pump Co, Ltd.

As the name shows, it is a company in China that provide pool pumps and other electronic appliances related to the pool. They use state-of-the-art for making products. It is a technology to create new and novel products for your customers. They have good services, including garden pumps, water pumps(manual), aquarium pumps, and water pool pumps. All are closely related to the cleaning and filtering process.

Airplane Equipment Company

Their companies are in Cincinnati and Ohio, and their products are distributed and exported worldwide. They make all kinds of pool pump-related things.


In this article, we are telling you about different companies in the world, especially China and the USA, that provide pool pump types of equipment and the most prominent manufacturer and supplier of them. You can buy one of the best products according to your choice.


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