When you take up vaping as a pastime, you’ll find various cool gear to play with. Try a temperature-regulated box mod if you’re interested in changing to a new vaping style. Here’s the lowdown on them that you need to know. We also provide recommendations for the finest available temperature-controlled box mods. For more top-rated box mods with TC, check vaporesso. You will find amazing new products listed here when you visit website.

Are Temp-Controlled Mods Worth It in 2022?

The newest innovation in the world of vaping is temperature-controlled (TC) mods. They provide something different from what you’d receive with a regulated mod: a whole new way to enjoy vaping. You never know which gadgets will provide you with the next great vaping sensation.

What’s a TC Mod?

With a temperature-regulated device, you can manage the strength of your vape by maintaining the coil at a temperature of your choice. An excellent mod is equipped with a chip that regulates the device’s temperature and vapor output.

One of the many benefits of a controlled mod is its adaptability. It adjusts quickly to your present configuration. It’s compatible with RDAs and RBAs, as well as any tank. You can bet on a unique vaping style, steady vapor, and exceptional taste creation.

What Differentiates the TC Mod Apart?

The hardware and software in a temperature-controlled mod are more complex than in a standard mechanical or mechanical-electrical mod. These capabilities allow you to manage the temperature of your coils. This will enable you to customize every aspect of your vaping session. You’ll never have to worry about your e-liquid boiling or your ring burning out.

Use of a TC Mod: What You Should Know

Multiple options for customization are available in a TC gadget. Wattage mode vaping is available, providing a feel similar to that of a regulated box mod. In this setting, you have no say over how hot the coil becomes.

Nickel and titanium atomizers are also available. At these times, your TC gadget will shine. If you change these parameters, you’ll be able to adjust the coil’s temperature and resistance independently of one another.

What Role Does a TC Mod Play?

Your TC device’s chip measures the coil’s resistance. The chip may maintain the set temperature several ways after reaching the target range. Power to the atomizer may be progressively reduced, the output power can be gradually lowered, or the device can be turned off entirely.

Best Temperature Controlled Box Mods

Would you want to test a temperature control (TC) box mod? Here are the top three we think you should read.

1. Vaporesso Luxe 2

The Luxe 2 stands out from the crowd because of its refined aesthetic, vibrant color palette, and sturdy construction. Similar to the original Luxe, this newer version has cutting-edge features and a sophisticated design. The intuitive design of the AXON chip makes it ideal for first-time users.

Vaporesso’s signature features, such as the Insta-fire button and PULSE setting, are included in the Luxe 2. If you’re looking for a high-end vaping experience, the Lux 2 is your gadget.

2. Vaporesso Gen S 220W

Vaporesso’s patented cell technology is integrated into a temperature-controlled device to provide consistent, high-quality vapor production. Gen S’s technical advancements don’t stop with the MESHED coils. Pulse Mode on the high-end AXON processor ensures consistent cloud formation and ideal coil heat.

It’s simple to operate the Gen S. It works with every Vaporesso coil in the GT range. Vaporesso’s innovative push-to-fill mechanism and superb vapor quality are included as well. Many reviewers have praised the Gen S for its user-friendliness and reliable performance.


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